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New Puppy...

Feel Confident Raising Your Puppy with a Qualified Professional by Your Side

Cute Puppy

The early days..

with your new puppy is often filled with excitement and joy but that can quickly turn to frustration and despair when you realise you have a baby shark that produces more urine quicker than you can clean it up and the 'to train' list  seems to grow longer not shorter each day.  We need to toilet train, stop them stealing your socks and slippers, settle in their bed at night, socialise them, stop jumping, barking and biting never mind lead work and general obedience.  

Happy Pup

It's not just puppy training...

it is training for you and the whole family.  Your life with your dog starts here.  You are setting the scene for the rest of your puppies life right now.  I couldn't possibly teach you all the education and training your puppy needs in a one off session and that is why we work with puppy owners over a period of 10 weeks.  During this time you and your family will learn the skills to able to train your puppy for years to follow.

Dog Training

Our puppy training..

adapts with you and your puppy as your needs change.  We provide ongoing support and guidance and take you through those early days and to the beginning of adolescence when things can feel challenging again.  We start with a 1.5-2 hour home-visit to explore the problems you are facing, set goals and develop a bespoke puppy training plan.  We will begin training cues and behaviours, discuss a breed and puppy specific enrichment plan and any possible red flags to be aware of.

Image by David Clarke

And there is more...

Over a period of 6 weeks we will implement your puppy training plan together.

We will have:

- 1.5- 2 Hour Homevisit

- 3 Further Training Sessions in your home or local park/beach as needed.

- 2 Video/Phone Calls Between sessions 

- 24/7 Whatsapp support 

- Notes and Videos to support learning after the session

Puppy Training : Classes

Group Puppy Classes

Results That Last

Puppy Obedience Training Classes.  These classes are designed for puppies and cover all the typical things pups need to learn:

Loose Lead Walking


Leave It

Focus around other people and dogs


Jumping Up


The Classes are currently run in Baldoyle Community Hall.

Notes and videos provided to help.  

If your puppy barks at other dogs, please book a private training option as this isn't covered in group classes. 

Small Terrier
Puppy Training : Welcome
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