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Dog Training & Behaviour

Are you ready for me to teach you evidence based dog training along with personalised coaching.  With me by your side you can start to really enjoy your dog, your training and the journey.

I want you to have a partner in me,  to teach you scientifically proven dog training and behaviour modification techniques, to build a great relationship with your dog and have some fun and enjoy the process along the way.

We will start by having a detailed first session where we will troubleshoot all the issues you are facing, set training goals and create a bespoke plan for you.

Can you commit to 10 weeks of training with your dog?

Can you give your dog 15 minutes a day training time?

Are you prepared to take on board advice re breed specific enrichment for your dog?

I am a results focused Dog Trainer, so I am not the right trainer for you if you want quick fixes and are not committed to putting effort into training.

10 Week Training Plan includes:

- One homevisit (1.5 hours) 
- 4 Training sessions on your walks and any other places you need to train
- 2 scheduled Phone consults between in person sessions.
- 24/7 Support 
- Notes & Videos to support learning
- Addition to our Alumni group when 10 week training plan is complete to keep connected to me and with others with similar issues.

Dog Training: Services
Small Terrier

Group Classes

Results That Last

Puppy and Group Obedience training classes.  These classes are designed for puppies and adult dogs and cover all the typical things dogs and pups need to learn:

Loose Lead Walking


Leave It

Focus around other people and dogs


Jumping Up


The Classes are currently run in Baldoyle Community Hall. 

Notes and videos provided to help. 

Dog Training: Welcome
Image by Pavel Herceg


The same great service but online

This is a 1-2-1 service provided in the same way as homevisits.  Exercises are demonstrated and feedback is given as you practice with your own dog.  The new guardian of the puppy or dog, learns to do all the training themselves, right from the start (with me guiding them from my office over zoom).  It is very tempting as an experienced Dog Trainer to jump in quickly and guide the session but on my zoom dog training sessions the owners learn right from the start that YES they can do it all (with a little few distant pointers of course!).  It means I’ve been getting a lot less invitations to move in with people though.

There is also the added benefit of reduced costs as I save time and money travelling I pass that saving on to my clients and can offer later evening times. 

Initial Consult : €95

Follow up:   €60

Notes & Videos are provided after

Dog Training: About
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