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Agility Coaching

1-2-1 Personalised Training

1-2-1 Agility Coaching is ideal for

- A dog and handler team that want a full course to run and train on with individual coaching on handling and skills as needed.  

- Puppies under 6 months looking to start their Agility journey.

- Teams that want that extra edge to progress their foundations, skills and sequencing in addition to their weekly classes.

- Dogs that group classes don't suit.

One Handler and Dog Team €35

One Handler and Two Dogs €40 

or you can share a slot with friends and family with dogs at a similar level.

Two handlers and two dogs €25 each

Three handlers and three dogs €20 each


Agility Training: Welcome

Group Classes

Beginners to Advanced

Foundation/Beginners Agility Class (Level 1)

These classes are run indoor in an Arena in Garristown on Tuesday nights at 5.30pm and are suitable for dogs from 6 months old.  We teach flatwork, motivation, engagement and skills as well as introduce equipment when age appropriate to your dog.  We will never pressure your dog to move quicker than ready and your dog is never wrong in my classes :) 

Foundations Plus Agility Class (Level 2)

This class is for dogs that have started their agility journey already and are ready to move on to more equipment and more skills and thrills. 

We will begin to teach contacts, weaves and harder jump and tunnel skills. 

Skills & Thrills

Novice or Experienced dogs looking to improve their agility skills.  This class strips things back to the basic elements to increase your dogs understanding of verbals, early commitment and of course in time speed, if your dog has the education and understanding this increases their confidence and reduces their risk of injury too. 

Agility Training: About

From Puppies to World Team Members

 Workshops are a nice complement to your regular training and presents opportunities to advance your skills and course running.
I hold my own workshops and I am hosted as a guest trainer by other clubs, individuals and venues around Ireland.  I train all dogs from young puppies to World Team members for Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Teams. 
Click the book now button below to see my next workshop dates and if you or your club are interested in hosting me get in touch by email. 

Agility Training: About
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